Stories from the Babysits community

I really like using Babysits. It's the easiest to use and helps me to find a babysitter even on short notice! I usually just check whether they've been active recently or not and then contact them. Great service, especially for this price.

Vivienne, Graz

During my semester abroad in Vienna I was looking for a way to earn some extra money. I found many nice families with kids on Babysits and worked as a babysitter for basically the whole semester. Super easy to use and a lot of international families who don't mind if you're not speaking German! The filters really helped to find those families.

Elizabeth (25), Vienna

I was looking for a job that I can do without speaking German that well and it was really hard. When I checked the babysitting jobs on Babysits I was surprised how many parents were looking for international babysitters. I love working with children so that is perfect for me.

Madeleine (19)

We were looking for a babysitter who could come occasionally when my husband and I needed a night out. We managed to find two babysitters through this site, and my kids are getting along so well with the sitters, that we decided to go out more often, so the kids can see the babysitters. Thank you for this website!

Fiona, Vienna